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Exceptional Piano Solutions

Servicing a Wide Range of Piano Models

Are you in need of exceptional piano repair and maintenance? Go to Mel’s Piano Shop for some of the best piano services in Chehalis, WA. Mel has extensive knowledge in servicing a wide array of piano types, which ranges from grand pianos to basic pianos for schools.

Piano Services Offered:

  • General Servicing
  • Maintenance
  • Repair
  • Tuning

Beautiful Music Awaits

Make beautiful music with your piano today. Whether you have a new piano that needs a straightforward tune-up service or an antique organ that requires an extensive repair job, trust Mel to provide you with professional piano services.

Make Your Piano Sound Its Best

Piano Tuner Levelling the Keys
Pianos, like all musical instruments, must be properly maintained and well-tuned to sound their best. Is your piano off-key? Have it serviced by one of the most experienced piano experts in Washington by contacting Mel’s Piano Shop at 360-740-1669.