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Knowledgeable Piano Tuner

Honed Through Years of Experience

Tuning pianos is a craft that is honed through experience. Is your piano out of tune? Don’t settle for the services of a novice piano tuner. If you’re searching for a knowledgeable piano tuner who has excellent ears for music, Mel’s Piano Shop in Chehalis, WA is the place to visit.

Over Four Decades of Experience

Mel Steinberg, owner of Mel’s Piano Shop, has been servicing pianos for more than 40 years. Making pianos sound beautiful is Mel’s passion. After graduating from the Niles Bryant School of Piano Tuning and Repair in 1973, Mel began tuning pianos in Ketchikan, AK. A few years later, Mel moved to Anchorage, AK and opened a piano tuning business there. During Mel’s stay in Anchorage, he worked with Arts Alaska and tuned numerous pianos in various towns and villages across Alaska. In 1992, Mel moved to Washington and began servicing pianos throughout the Southwest Washington area.

Go for Meticulous Piano Services

Piano Repair
Have your piano serviced by an expert today. Mel utilizes a detail-oriented approach when maintaining, repairing, and tuning pianos. To learn more about the tried and tested piano services that Mel’s Piano Shop offers, call 360-740-1669.